Why I Like Karatbars International and Karatbars Gold

There’s nothing about Karatbars International not to like

Unique- Genius- Value- Timely- Real Solutions- Easy- Secure- Already Proven- Free- Ideal- Positioned-Need not Want-Good for everyone!

Karatbars International is like something that’s not of this world! It’s like fresh air, it’s life changing! Eye opening. Hope… for a lost world.

“By their fruits… Ye shall know them”…

What is Karatbars International about? First, making gold affordable and available for everyone, by the gram. Free accounts, free storage, no broker fees, no currency exchange fees, world’s best prices, world’s most convenient gold product.

Karatbars International is a bit like a grass roots (private) “we the people” type organization. It was created by visionary’s, uses the latest technologies and shares success and opportunity with anyone that wishes to be part of it freely. A 17 year rock solid business history now expanding worldwide.
karatbars international,karatbars gold,karatbars opportunity

Why gold? Why Karatbars gold?

Karatbars are adorned by the LBMA stamp, which is a symbol governments and individuals have come to respect around the globe for Refineries that meet the stringent Good Delivery practices.

karatbars international,karatbars gold

Where gold is headed and why.

The opportunity of the century and life time, to have a gut feeling about gold one needs to study the history of gold and do same with what monetary policy is really about.

The bottom line reality is, the reckless “fiat” (government sanctioned “fake” money) fails with 100% certainty! It’s very close to failing now. Printing more of this money is no longer an option, it’s very close to worthless now, this is not stopping the “powers that be”, they are going to crash these dollars, it’s a ponzi scheme coming to an end. This should explain the worldwide demand for gold today by central banks, countries, people around the world. There is a time to acquire gold and this is the time!

Unlike fiat currencies gold has no counter party risk, gold is “real money”, has been for nearly 6000 years and it doesn’t matter what bankers and governments say about it, it’s not going to change truth and facts, gold will make “liars” out of them all.

The point is the continued printing of fiat currency, is really about taking more of these dollars to buy gold with, the devalued dollars are what makes value of gold “seem” to go up. Gold therefore is a “store of value” or free “wealth insurance” in reality.

As this ponzi scheme comes to an end and markets start crashing, (anything denominated in dollars will be toast), expect gold and silver to double, triple, quadruple in value very quickly. Many ill informed and unwise people believe it’s the exact opposite, they have believed the “false Prophets”! They will be paying dearly for their ignorance!

Another important  reason to like Karatbars International

Gold is and will be a monetary instrument “gold is real money” this is true even in a “fiat” currency crash, (bank holiday), maybe now you see the real value of having a Karatbars International account and why you need to be saving in gold, very unique.

People that turn aside from these truths are “fools by choice”, there is no shortage of them I assure you, I know this for a fact, I don’t preach to deaf ears, it’s a waste of my time. If you “get” all of this I would like to assist you.

The following more details button is a start here invitation to create a free account and get on the road to success. Do it now, this is urgent! We are willing, ready and able to assist you.
karatbars international,karatbars gold, karatbars opportunity

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