What is Karabars Gold Where it’s Been Where it’s Going

Karatbars Gold

karatbars goldLBMA Certified weight and purity, tamper proof, counterfeit proof, each gold card has it’s own certificate.

Spendable currency gold, 24 karat 999.9 pure.

World’s lowest price guaranteed on one gram.

No costs fees to create an account. Save in gold, affordable, little at a time. The most user friendly gold. Have delivered or stored free.

Click Karratbars Introduction. 

Where Karatbars International has been

Part of a group of 27 companies in business 17 years, debt free self funded, owning the mines, refineries, minting and distribution, first to ever eliminate the middlemen. Tactical advantages and benefits for all members. Karatbars is a proven success it’s unique, truly a one of a kind business model that fits nicely in what some people call the “new economy”.

Very safe and secure recommended by top consumer watch dog groups, the decision to take Karatbars worldwide was taken and that’s happening now, in over 80 countries now.

Karatbars is now years ahead continuing on where all other gold silver companies stopped. Years of evolution planning wisdom and vision have led to Karatbars International becoming number one in the industry.

Where Karatbars International is going

Have a look at the following statistics on market share then see where this is going.

karatbars gold,what is karatbars,

Very few people have even heard of Karatbars before, it will be a household name in a short time and here’s why. A few months ago Karatbars International announced they’re merchant program. Merchants are now getting involved “spendable gold”, a few other programs were introduced around the same time. The future with Karatbars and these merchants is going to be seeing a gold back  shopping rewards program.

Currently people are setting up they’re Karatbars accounts and saving in gold a little at a time, this is known as cost averaging and the right way to acquire gold. In truth and fact to benefit from owning and saving in gold one must have it for a few years at least, merchants coming in now will be first sharing what Karatbars is and what it’s about with customers, it’s going to create an additional income stream for them and for those seeking opportunity. It will greatly benefit/protect customers as well.

The bottom line is everyone wins with Karatbars no losers. The shaky financial system of today will recognize Karatbars as the solution to the savings, debt and inflation problems, it’s happening now Karatbars is growing, people are seeing it for the wonderful opportunity and value for them it is. There is continued improvements being made as Karatbars is growing. It’s amazing really what’s happening, a truly private competing monetary system
using sound debt free money.

Karatbars is a work in progress, it’s here to stay. It’s becoming more important daily, gold has no 3rd counter party risks, it has not and will not ever go bankrupt, Karatbars has made it possible for the man on the street to own gold. The difference is while other gold companies sell gold, here we use gold. The banks have competition for a change which is about time, people have a choice, gold offers freedom.

karatbars gold money,karatbars account,karatbars merchant program,Create your no cost fees account today, see all the other benefits Karatbars offers.

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