Set For Life on $20 Week

$20 a week savings plan to start, person to person referral, keeping at it can lead to being set for life. Bankers really don’t want you to know this!

The $20 a week plan, change your life.

Here is a real life plan that starts with $20 a week, your gold can become free and will eventually have you set for life. Best of all is your not spending $20 a week, your saving $20 a week. If you can save/spare $20 a week now you can do this. Lets face it, people have a savings problem! It’s a discipline problem more than anything and I don’t know very many people that couldn’t save $20 a week.

Lets understand a few things first, you’ll never be set for life even if you save $20 a week if you put it in a bank savings account, inflation (really a hidden tax) -11-12% growing, will eat half of it up. Gold on the other hand historically buy’s what it did 2000 years ago and averaging +11% every year since 1969. The last few years have seen around +20% a year.

The amazing part of this set for life plan, with Karatbars International there are no costs, fees, gold bullion savings plans start at 50 euro a month or around $75-80 us dollars right now, leaving a little room to play with for the future.

Karatbars are adorned by the LBMA stamp, which is a symbol governments and individuals have come to respect around the globe for Refineries that meet the stringent Good Delivery practices.

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More than "just" a gold bullion savings account.

Karatbars International pays you to share this program with others, very easy to do. Remember, nobody is spending anything they’re saving. Sharing with a few people and these people doing the same will eventually lead to getting your gold free. The $20 a week for your gold can come out of your earnings (off your Karatbars debit card connected to your account).

Show (refer) this program to a few people, collect residual earnings for life. Everyone has a few close friends that really need this, it’s not a matter of want. For the record this is not MLM or any kind of pyramid scheme. Karatbars International is using this marketing plan, person to person referral and they can afford to over pay on earnings because they own the mines, refineries, minting and distribution rights, they have and are the first in the industry to eliminate all the middlemen. Their also debt free and fully self funded.

What $20 a week turns into, set for life.

The key to building a nice nest egg is little at a time over a long period of time. It’s also keeping it real, gold is real money and never goes bankrupt nor loses value, it’s never happened in 6000 years not going to start now. Gold goes up and down in value but it has always been higher highs and higher lows, long term holding is how to come out the winner, it’s not in day trading.

Karatbars is very flexible, what I’ve pointed out here is the best way to get started. There are “customer accounts only” if you prefer, however most people want to share this with a few friends, it’s that good. Some people will want to work Karatbars International as a part time or full time business. Either way it’s a solution to some big problems. There is nothing to fear, Karatbars is highly recommended by top watch dog groups, easy to see why, many perks like free storage, no currency exchange fees, no broker fees, free shipping (100) grams, no cost accounts and no cost business opportunity.

Start with $20 a week, end with set for life and really free gold, referring one person can be a matter of minutes, you get paid every time they fund their account, that can be for life. What else? Gold is $1600 oz at the moment, was at high of $1920, experts predict gold soon to hit $3000-$5000 an oz, many experts predict much higher later on.

Looking at set for life over one year realistically. Approximately $960.00-$1,000.00 for one year if prices don’t go to far off, $20 week 1 year= $1040.00 12 grams gold. Even if price spikes a little half way through year this should be fairly close. You have your first 12 grams and are continuing on and now getting free gold because you referred a few people and they referred a few people etc…

Second year end say you now have 24 grams of gold, lets say gold price doubled in this time, (very likely $3200) the $20 a week your not changing to gold now, your earnings are enough now, 1 gram a month from commissions. Crunch the numbers and you may have changed at most $1000 of your money to gold (still have your money) however you now have $4320.00

Third year you refer a few more people, more are referred through your down line and lets say you now average 2 grams a month earnings. Suppose gold hung around the $3200 for the rest of the year, adds up to another $4320.00 totaling now $8640.00

Here is what we call the X-Factor, you now have an organization, everyone loves it and is now beginning to earn some money, they acquire more gold increasing your earnings it only makes sense. They are going to follow and do what your doing. Suppose you now double the $8640.00 in 4th year, you now have $17,280.00 saved up.

What has been shown here is very conservative and doable. You can imagine what a few more years could do. A little effort could place you into another group of top levels and added bonuses. Suppose you had kept up the additional $20 week on top of your earnings you used to acquire gold, that would be 3 years worth or around $3,000.00, roughly (estimating) 40 more grams because gold price has been going higher, say at $3500 gold now, making it around $8,000.00 making total $25,280.00 in gold. Keep in mind what hasn’t been added in yet is the gold you had earlier with seeing value going up, we looked at what was used (amounts) to acquire gold over time, 48 grams times lets say $15 a gram, works out to another $720 total 26,000.00

Think $5000 gold, many experts agree not at all far fetched within 3-4 years. Add another $4,800.00 to your total comes out to $30,800.00

Does $20 week seem to be too much to you now? Year 5 suppose you earn 5 grams month, plus considering higher price $20 week gets you another 6 grams for year, 66 grams total $10,640.00 plus increase in value again on the 96 grams your previously holding say around $4,500.00 grand total now $45,940.00

It should be fairly obvious, $20 week, little bit at a time over a long period of time combined with gold and Karatbars International referral program leads to you becoming set for life. Results will be different for everybody as always, sow much, reap much. The above analogy should be considered the absolute lowest. How many people do you know that if they had this system explained to them would not take advantage of it? How many people do you believe you could refer over a year? Remember nobody is spending any money and nobody is asked to, everyone saves money, it’s a savings club.

A little discipline is all it takes and stick with it. People have not been taught the right way of saving the value of saving or what the benefits are or what it can do for them. We looked at 5 years, imagine 10 or 15 years.

Imagine putting a little extra effort into Karatbars program. Few hours a week, part time, full time. Just get started! If you want to be set for life this is your plan. There is no better way.


Join free.


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