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KaratBars K-Exchange Merchant Program

Why having a KaratBars Merchant Program is so important today. Fiat currency (paper money not backed by anything) is very near a total collapse. Don’t believe it, well good luck with that. Fact is at no time throughout history of mankind has a fiat currency system ever survived, meaning 100% fail rate! KaratBars gold cards are 24 Karat 999.9 real physical gold money, gold has survived all currency crashes.

The really good news is below keep reading!

KaratBars K-Exchange real money worldwide.
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Merchants can now acquire a KaratBars K-Exchange (acceptance point) Merchant Package from KaratBars International. Create your account link just below (free) log in click profile tab, scroll down to (acceptance point) fill in short form, (upload picture of business), upload Business Registration Document, click register.

The really good news is below keep reading! 

Create your free KaratBars Account on your Computer hold down Ctrl, left click this live link to open new window, this allows you to have 2 windows open so you can go back and forth following instructions.

Click “Register” on Top Right on new page. Follow the simple steps. Be sure to register as “Affiliate” when option comes up. You will receive your account KaratBars ID # & Password you chose when account registered accepted (Immediate). Log in, click profile tab, scroll down to (acceptance point) fill in short form, (upload picture of business), upload (Business Registration Document), click register at bottom of short form.

Reminder-Be sure to save your information, password etc… and bookmark your new KaratBars website back office.

K-Exchange KaratBars now the really good news.

If the above news is not enough to thrill you (and it should) this will. These are the reasons you will need to STOP what your doing and PAY ATTENTION! I’m unable to supply all the information in 15-20 minutes. You are going to have too become aware of what’s here for you, us, your customers.

You will be listed in KaratBars, you will have a KaratBars affiliate member ready able and willing to assist you answering questions concerns. You will earn commissions every time one of your customers joins KaratBars (through your business) and exchanges paper money into gold money. You will get a “K-Exchange” logo emblem (just like, Master Card-Visa) to place in your window. Inform your customers (with business cards with link…with flyer…in store flyer…poster…etc…other merchants going to be interested? They can create their accounts UNDER YOU…some of your customers and theirs will be taking advantage of the opportunity…YOU will get piece of that to.

There is more but for now this should be sufficient. A piece of a market that’s in the trillions at a time when real gold sound money system is needed most worldwide. Miss this biggest opportunity the world has ever seen? Check it out ASAP secure your positions. This is the best biggest decision you will ever make in your life.

The Titanic is going down this is your lifeboat.

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