Gold backed crypto currency and how important

Cutting Edge-Everything You Need to Know

No stopping what’s happening. It’s here and for very good reason.

I very strongly suggest to everyone that was referred here or found this page to bookmark it immediately.

What’s Happening in the Crypto-Currency World

The following information, video’s, links are both eye opening and earth shattering. Absolutely amazing things are happening, world and life changing at once.

This is “above” banks and government’s

That’s the conclusion. The revelation. My hope here is that you get to see it as well, it’s true.

First Time in History, very interesting.

Get around Tyranny!

Hope you’re seeing and hearing what’s happening so far.

Get started here and make it all come together for you in one place


Global Coin Reserve – Worlds First One Click Cloud Mining Platform Featuring GCR Coin to be the very first digital online currency that will be backed by GOLD

We make it easy, click on the banner. Get started today!

We’re ready willing and able to help you get through quite the maze.  We ourselves have arrived and know first hand what a job it is to get you’re head around it. The small downside is completely over shadowed by the upside.


Just some recent interesting information about Bitcoin 

On Bitcoin: Did you know that more money has been invested into 
Bitcoin related companies in the first five years than was invested 
in INTERNET related companies in the DOT COM boom? 
Not paying attention to crypto-currencies will cost you dearly! 
I suggest subscribing to newsletter
to keep up with this crypto commerce, finance, banking, law, democracy,  and anything else you can think of.
Food for thought: Bitcoin adoption in China is 10 times all the 
other countries combined. If 1% of Chinese hold an average 
of $20 in Bitcoin, Bitcoin will be $10,000 a coin. It is presently 
around $474 per coin.
With Bitcoin, we now have a stable currency that’s starting to gain 
adoption around the world that will replace the dollar.
If not Bitcoin at least another cryptocurrency. 
It is CHOICE. :-) Your OWN CHOICE .. nobody can make you do it.
Peer to Peer … decentralized choice!! Buy in to your own FREEDOM.
Be your own bank with your own value. Are you getting me yet?
Crypto will replace fiat currency within 5 years word on the street.
I personally believe 2015 before the end of September

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Best Information on Gold and Money, the Brief Complete History

Gold and Money Real History

This video from Mike Maloney a real expert in the field explains all very simply in minutes. The entire history and the stage of the cycles that are most important to us. The largest wealth transfer in the history of mankind, how to be on the right side of it. Condensed and very revealing.

Best Solution for Getting on the Right Side of Gold Money History is Here.

Private physical gold bullion parallel monetary savings system that’s free to join, acquire gold, earn by doing what you most likely will want to do anyway, share with friends and family so they too can benefit and get on the right side of what’s coming. This is a new and unique system of “exchanging” paper fiat currency money to real gold money without spending/selling.

save in gold,one gram gold,karatbars,retirement plan with gold,children gold saving accounts,

Click for free account registration.

Key to success exchange a little at a time over a long time.

Get started today saving where it really matters, even one gram at a time over a long time is a better solution than being caught off guard in the future. Many of our members consider our plan and business model like getting free gold.


save in gold,karatbars,gold business opportunity,gold money,gold saving account,Please share.

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Making Money the Right Way Karatbars Gold

Making Money Made Easy

If you’re like me you’ve heard this a million times and it turns you off. You’ve probably checked out dozens of so-called opportunities and maybe even tried a few you thought made sense only to find out it wasn’t worth your time.

I’ve come to the conclusion there are 100 scams for every 1 that’s legitimate. I’ve also found the 1 in a 100 that’s legitimate, I’ve been involved with it before it launched a few years ago and I’m as thrilled as I was the day I got started. I’ve seen absolutely no downside for anyone, tremendous growth, real value for everyone at absolutely no cost.

The main reason Karatbars International Gold is becoming so successful is it was unique from the very start, they knew they could stand on their own two feet without any nickle and dime crap or fees of any kind, it’s all so unique there is no real competition and this is a biggie. The goal from the start was to be the gold company for the masses worldwide and this is what’s happening.

Why Making Money Here has become so easy here.

No selling or buying, people simply exchange paper money into physical gold money, they still have their money. They can do it in affordable 1 gram units at a time if they like and acquiring gold a little at a time over a long period of time is one of the wisest most prudent things anyone can do today. We are in the business of educating people to this fact and helping as well as showing them how easy it is to do at Karatbars International.

We have a working safe secure proven system that has continuously been improving as we’ve been growing and expanding and we’re not finished yet. Many more benefits of having a free Karatbars account are coming soon.

People turn to gold as the safe haven when economies are not doing so good and that’s now.  Gold is the proven free wealth insurance that’s stood the test of time over and over again.

Unlike any other product people can never have enough gold. Everyone needs to check out all the benefits of having a Karatbars gold account and the Karatbar gold itself. Everything anyone needs to create their own money making business is here, all legit and something everyone can be proud to be a part of. Revolutionary and totally unique in many ways. Fair compensation plans for everyone involved to whatever degree they wish to get involved if at all.

The right way to make money.

There are no losers, everyone wins. There is a great need not a want with Karatbars gold. The time is perfect for gold. It’s all about sharing with family, friends, getting established as a Karatbars partner and growing a business from there. Check out the chart below on market share to see where we’re going fast.

karatbars concept,buy gold,save gold,

Create your account and get started today you will be thrilled to become a part of this, it’s also the patriotic thing to do leveraging to gold the sound money away from debt based currencies that are dragging societies and the economy down. You will feel a lot better and more secure, gold has never let anyone down that acquired the right gold the right way. Click on the banner below to get started, more information and a place to join with those of us who have already checked out Karatbars.

save in gold,karatbars,gold business opportunity,gold money,gold saving account,

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Panic Gold Buying about to Begin

Financial Collapse? Gold Always Survives.

We are seeing a shift by many top financial experts getting out of markets and other investments converting to gold. The reasons this is starting to happen are many, number one reason is “confidence” in governments, central banks, financial institutions, value of the dollar (purchasing power) is disappearing fast.

Countries are doubling their gold holdings, central banks around the world are acquiring gold, countries are repatriating gold holdings that have been kept off shore. Gold as an asset class has doubled five times since 2000. The future for gold keeps looking better as confidence in everything else diminishes. Loss of trust, fiscal cliff, debt ceiling, criminal banks [Libor,laundering drug money, bail outs etc…lies upon lies with few of the people involved ever going to jail], corrupt government, this is the tip of the ice berg.

Money printing to the extremes world wide prolongs the inevitable that’s all. The average citizens are not really paying attention. Most are going to pay dearly. When the majority figure it out it will be to late. The time to protect wealth through/with gold is now, gold is still a bargain today, experts predict gold 2013, 20% increase in value.

It is going to become more and more obvious to people as it has throughout history when confidence and trust in financial industry, wrong headed monetary policies etc…basically what we have happening today, panic gold buying begins, people that foresee what’s happening and are among the first to convert assets over into gold will be the big winners.

The following short video may help, very enlightening.

Most People in U.S. Will Not See this Coming-Jeff Berwick

Panic gold buying usually ends up with those coming to the dance late not getting in!

The time to take action is now! The ideal gold and company to acquire gold is Karatbars International. It will be well worth the time to look into what’s available here, very unique as well as acquiring gold here the easiest and the most secure it’s ever been.

gold price double 2013

Free account and information CLICK HERE

Browse this blog for more information, the author acquires his gold from Karatbars International and has been for the last few years starting when Karatbars International launched in North America also taking advantage of the open opportunity to share with others and earn in the process, all at no cost.

No selling buying, gold is money, exchanging paper money to gold currency money. This is huge and has real value for people.

save in gold,one gram gold,karatbars,retirement plan with gold,children gold saving accounts,CLICK
karatbars gold money,karatbars account,karatbars merchant program,
Please share this with your friends..they will love you for it.

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Your Equal Opportunity to Turn Bad into Good Karatbars International Gold

If Opportunity always seems to escape you this is for you.

What you’re about to learn about is the solution to most of you’re problems and other peoples problems, you and they don’t know it yet only because you have not known about it nor seriously looked into it yet.

Yes this world is bad, there are a lot of bad things happening, the majority of people are getting beaten up financially, economically and it’s getting worse not better.

You now have an opportunity to turn a lot of bad into good, this is well worth some of your time to look into. What we have here is an abundance of good things negating an abundance of bad things, the ideal solutions to a host of bad things that effect most everybody.

A no costs amazing business opportunity, nobody spends anything nobody sells anything it’s simply a way for people to very easily exchange bad money for good money (paper money to sound physical currency gold money) you and the people you share this truth with, everyone still has their money and everyone involved earns every time exchanges are made.

The bad, inflation, debasing of paper currency occurring, (paper money savings evaporating) 401K, registered retirement savings etc…leveraging to gold eliminates a whole host of the bad. You’re responsibility is to see for yourself this is what’s happening and how much good you can create with you’re “account” the now available solution. You do not earn from what you know, you earn from what you do with what you know.

karatbars concept,buy gold,save gold,

Not talking about rocket science, the bad is really bad the good is really good.

Everything is saying this is the right thing to do and the right time to do it. Need a quick look about what we have here click on yellow box in side menu, Karatbars 1st Webinar 2013 very informative.

Turning a lot of bad into a lot of good is life changing.

If you have never been in the right place at the right time this is it. What we have is amazing, unique, fairly new and expanding world wide very fast. All anyone needs to do is get plugged in with this system, there are no losers here, we’re waiting for you. This is the best in the world, period! Rock solid debt free fully self funded, well managed continuously
improving, in fact Karatbars International was the biggest undertaking in Internet history, going from crawl to walk to now running. Everything anyone needs is here and available.

Karatbars International is a feel good company, there is tremendous value for everyone involved. Turning bad into good on many fronts, especially in finance and economic matters even reaching into bad government and shorting out corrupt banks and “not with it” financial companies, including what are corrupted monetary systems (policy) worldwide.

All it takes is a good look a serious attempt to become involved, it’s okay if all anyone wants to do is start an account and start acquiring (customer only). Lowest gold price per grams of gold world wide guaranteed and many more discounts and perks. We are set up to furnish gold for the masses, free storage, no currency exchange fees, no broker fees and more.


Many people have tried to find a downside with Karatbars and they cannot is what they find out. I’m very happy and proud to be involved, I’m creating my golden nest egg. Join and get started today no risks. Click, CLICK HERE below.

gold money,spendable gold,home business,


Please share, thank you for you’re time and attention. See you on the other side.

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Merchants, New Private Gold Money System, Income Streams For You

Happening now, private monetary system using physical & (digital) 999.9 pure 24 karat currency gold (sound money). 

gold price double 2013

Very seldom in anyone’s lifetime does an ideal opportunity present itself. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE TIMES! Contact author for full details.

One word describes what this is about, VISIONARY! Already a proven success, new and different, unique and one of a kind, history making, never been done before.

Expanding world wide fast, perfect timing, exchanging paper currency for gold currency (real money), free wealth protection, spendable gold currency. Merchants it’s as simple as creating a no costs/fees account and sharing (counter top display), the mechanics are already in place, in fact once started merchants can sit back and watch it happen, we can do all the work for you easing you into what it’s about, how it works, how to maximize profits when the time is right, system and plan. You’re business will be listed online as a Karatbars acceptance point (free advertising).

What is it about gold and this gold money system, what we’re doing?

Knowledge never leaves people at a serious disadvantage. The world financial systems are in serious trouble today! Karatbars International with our currency gold is the solution people will be looking to. Many experts are predicting $5000-$15,000 gold within 5-10 years, currently people are setting up their accounts with Karatbars saving a little gold at a time, grams of gold make this the ideal way to acquire gold, little at a time over long period of time.

Ideally people should save in gold as long as possible to gain the advantages having gold offers, gold historically is a store of value keeping up with inflation. What a gram of gold buys today will buy the same 5-10 years from now, paper currency will not, it’s that simple.

Merchants are in an ideal position to help themselves and they’re customers realize these truths very easily and profitably for everyone. Getting started now means they will be getting the lions share of business and profits in the very near future. Karatbars International’s goals are to make gold available to the masses and this is exactly what’s happening world wide.

This is a brief explanation, there are many more perks that come with Karatbars International, the company is safe and secure, debt free fully self funded, all middlemen have been eliminated first in the world to accomplish this making tactical advantages in the market place benefiting everyone associated with Karatbars.

Earn Money, Helping People, Turn Bad Money Into Good Moneygold price double 2013

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Gold and Wealth Protection Get Ready

Not owning gold today can be likened to taking a knife to a gun fight.

Financial suicide is the new term being used today! It’s up to you alone to figure out the money system. Governments and bankers are in bed together! They hope people remain ignorant to what’s been going on, they work at keeping them ignorant and looking in all the wrong places, centuries of experience, very subtle and very effective. Very criminal and getting away with most of it, banks go down so does the government, they support one another. They are going down, when is the only question! What we have next will be up to the people, they better keep their guns, there is a serious effort underway to disarm.

Converting to Gold is wealth protection.

The situations are a lot worse than most believe. Millions are protesting worldwide and we have media blackouts on it, why?

Gold is more important today then ever before, it has no 3rd party counter risks. It’s never gone bankrupt and has been real money for nearly 6000 years.

Mike Maloney and Robert Kiyosaki – Don’t Save Money, Exchange it for Gold

The game has changed,

Most people don’t know where to get gold, what type of gold, what’s the best way to go about it so they give up before they ever get started.

There is now a company that makes acquiring gold the easiest and safest it’s ever been. Karatbars International, real gold, real money, gram/s at a time, affordable, free secure storage or have shipped to you, spendable gold and many other perks.

save in gold,one gram gold,karatbars,retirement plan with gold,children gold saving accounts,
karatbars gold,what is karatbars,

Expanding worldwide fast, right product, right time, right thing to do, right way to do it, debt free fully self funded company, lowest cost worldwide guaranteed, no cost accounts, no broker fees, no currency exchange fees, we are the gold for the masses, little as 1 gram at a time, LBMA certified “currency gold” 24 karat 999.9 pure gold.

Click FREE TO JOIN for more information and create an account.

gold money,collapse,real money,karatbars,
The wealthy have always known about and protested themselves and wealth using gold now you can too.

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Karatbars Gold Concepts

Karatbars International Gold & Concepts “Uniquely” Different Big Time

If you are not aware of what Karatbars gold is you need to be. The value to people of the “concepts” being put forward here by Karatbars International border on the miraculous, nothing on the planet comes remotely close to what’s happening here. History is being made right now and believe me you need to be part of this, you’re well being is at stake, seriously!

We have a real and viable solution to the money problems we face today, currency debasement, inflation, debt, crash, and available without spending  money!

Karatbars International has developed a worldwide system that works much like putting paper money into an ATM and taking gold money out.

Your own personal portable ATM in the convenience of your own home and at physical ATM locations. Merchants are now coming on board and into the mix online and offline, gold back shopping rewards, and an opportunity for gold companies to come on board so we never run out of gold, (World Aurum program), not that Karatbars International doesn’t have there own gold mines, refineries, distribution and  minting successfully eliminating all middlemen (first to ever accomplish this), on top of it all, debt free and fully self funded.

Truly amazing Concepts with Karatbars International and things are happening, already done.

Happening and already done step by step, best parts are Karatbars gold is affordable, trans-actionable friendly weights, people can become customers and if they choose partners, simply join (no costs).

Gold is not an investment contrary to what many people believe, The key to getting the  maximum benefits from gold, acquire a little at a time over a long period of time. Karatbars International is by far the best and easiest place to be able to accomplish this. Currently at Karatbars people are in the acquiring stage, the spendable concepts are set up and being set up now, customers need to realize they need to grow they’re accounts slowly and over time, as gold value increases they will have protected they’re wealth (really at no cost) from all the ravages they we’re plagued with, they’re Karatbars gold money will buy them much more stuff in the future, paper money will not.

Some people sensing what’s happening monetarily/financially are looking for ways to protect their wealth, not the same ole today as yesterday, looking at some charts reveal the facts clearly. Gold is they’re lifeboat and Karatbars gold is by far the ideal lifeboat.

Restructuring financially is a wise thing to do especially these days. Bankers, brokers, planners, governments can no longer be trusted because they don’t have your best interests at heart for one thing plus most have been compartmentalized not seeing the real and big picture. Going back to 2008 should be a good enough example of people not paying attention getting caught flat footed, while most people lost money those holding gold didn’t.

Karatbars is more about “concept” than selling gold, it’s “using gold” in ways that have never been done before and without spending.

There is a wonderful opportunity to be part of what Karatbars  International is doing, I’m very happy to be part of it. There is tremendous satisfaction in really helping people and people are so appreciative of good advice and what works. Earlier I said Karatbars borders on miraculous, miracles are only miracles when they are not understood. Karatbars gold can be understood, what we do have here is brilliant bordering on genius.

karatbars concept,buy gold,save gold,gold money,biz opp,


Get started you have everything to gain nothing to lose, you won’t be alone, we have plenty of support. Right time right place right product right concept, we are looking for people to create new locations for themselves and Karatbars International. CLICK HERE TO JOIN (no risk). 

karatbars concept,buy gold,save gold,Please share

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What is Karabars Gold Where it’s Been Where it’s Going

Karatbars Gold

karatbars goldLBMA Certified weight and purity, tamper proof, counterfeit proof, each gold card has it’s own certificate.

Spendable currency gold, 24 karat 999.9 pure.

World’s lowest price guaranteed on one gram.

No costs fees to create an account. Save in gold, affordable, little at a time. The most user friendly gold. Have delivered or stored free.

Click Karratbars Introduction. 

Where Karatbars International has been

Part of a group of 27 companies in business 17 years, debt free self funded, owning the mines, refineries, minting and distribution, first to ever eliminate the middlemen. Tactical advantages and benefits for all members. Karatbars is a proven success it’s unique, truly a one of a kind business model that fits nicely in what some people call the “new economy”.

Very safe and secure recommended by top consumer watch dog groups, the decision to take Karatbars worldwide was taken and that’s happening now, in over 80 countries now.

Karatbars is now years ahead continuing on where all other gold silver companies stopped. Years of evolution planning wisdom and vision have led to Karatbars International becoming number one in the industry.

Where Karatbars International is going

Have a look at the following statistics on market share then see where this is going.

karatbars gold,what is karatbars,

Very few people have even heard of Karatbars before, it will be a household name in a short time and here’s why. A few months ago Karatbars International announced they’re merchant program. Merchants are now getting involved “spendable gold”, a few other programs were introduced around the same time. The future with Karatbars and these merchants is going to be seeing a gold back  shopping rewards program.

Currently people are setting up they’re Karatbars accounts and saving in gold a little at a time, this is known as cost averaging and the right way to acquire gold. In truth and fact to benefit from owning and saving in gold one must have it for a few years at least, merchants coming in now will be first sharing what Karatbars is and what it’s about with customers, it’s going to create an additional income stream for them and for those seeking opportunity. It will greatly benefit/protect customers as well.

The bottom line is everyone wins with Karatbars no losers. The shaky financial system of today will recognize Karatbars as the solution to the savings, debt and inflation problems, it’s happening now Karatbars is growing, people are seeing it for the wonderful opportunity and value for them it is. There is continued improvements being made as Karatbars is growing. It’s amazing really what’s happening, a truly private competing monetary system
using sound debt free money.

Karatbars is a work in progress, it’s here to stay. It’s becoming more important daily, gold has no 3rd counter party risks, it has not and will not ever go bankrupt, Karatbars has made it possible for the man on the street to own gold. The difference is while other gold companies sell gold, here we use gold. The banks have competition for a change which is about time, people have a choice, gold offers freedom.

karatbars gold money,karatbars account,karatbars merchant program,Create your no cost fees account today, see all the other benefits Karatbars offers.

Please share this post with friends they will be glad you did.

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